L&C Language and Culture Co.,Ltd.

L&C (Language and Culture) positively and takes all steps to maintain its good name and reputation. L&C (Language and Culture) Counsel the students accurately and comprehensively about all aspects of their chosen education course, faculties and accommodation. Explains clearly to a student all aspects of admission procedure and the frequently asked question likehow to apply?, Money Transfer,Courier Services for document dilivery, Travel guide,Business exhibitations and seminars, Air ticket Reservations, Hotel Bookings, recommended Air Travel Companies and Tourism,etc... To study abroad especially to study in Russia.

L&C L&C Language and Culture Co.,Ltd is a professional education consultancy firm,
gives unlimited study opportunities to foreign students to study in russia or study abroad.


A team of L&C informed and committed senior education advisors/representatives who understand the need of the students and their parents or sponsors. L&C firmly believe in customer service to the students and our client institutions. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means; we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions.


At L&C we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to ensure that, students choose the appropriate academic pathway. With this in mind, we assist students by giving comprehensive information about study opportunities in the universities, institutes and academies of Russia/Japan/USA/Canada/Germany/UK and others. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at all times


.L&C L&C staff has many years of experience helping Foreign Students to study in Russia/Japan/ USA/Canada/Germany/UK.

.L&C L&C provides comprehensive backup services for Foreign Students throughout their period of study in the Russia/Japan/USA/Canada/Germany/UK.

.L&C L&C have successfully placed students in many universities, institutes and academies in the Russia/Japan/USA/Canada/Germany/UK and have the offer letters to prove it.

.L&C L&C conduct seminars to prepare the students on the International Higher Education System before they leave for their studies.

.L&C L&C offices and official representative in different countries of the world are always ready to answer students and their parents/guardians about the educational procedure and requirements for admission along with the professional consultancy.

All companies claim to provide a quality and professional service. However, in L&C Language and Culture Co., Ltd. case this is reflected through the referrals of new students time after time. We believe that good relationships and trust are built up over time and must not be compromised.

We are located in the Voronezh, Russia as well as we have official branches and official representatives in different countries of the world, to attract the best students and maintain close contact with universities. L&C guides the students continuously, payment of fees, locating suitable accommodation, guiding students choosing type of food and availability, weather conditions with suitable clothing and answers their different questions.

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