Admission Procedure

How to Apply:

How to Apply:

Our International Applicants and their parents are requested to interpret this page carefully, before applying to University/Institute

Application Deadlines

Application should be completed and sent to our e-mail address with the attachments of other required documents below.

The following documents should be attached with your Registration.
2. 2 copies of International Passport
3. 20 passport size photographs
4. 4 notary certified copies each of A/L, O/L certificates and higher academic transcript(s),
5. 4 notary certified copies of birth certificates.
6. 4 notary certified copies of Health Certificate and Certificate confirming absence of HIV

1.      Note:
All the Documents should be in English. If the original certificates are in a language other than English, copies of the English translation must be enclosed

2.      All Photocopies of the documents are to be done on A4 paper.

3.      All the copies of documents stated in 4 to 6 are required to be "Certified as
True Copy" in English language by a Notary Public. The signatories' designation and the chop must also be in English language.

4.      Applications for admission can be submitted from April to the admission office.

***You may Apply any time to L&C.

Selection Factors

We know that applying to study abroad might seem intimidating. But the experience of completing your applications doesn't have to be.

Our best piece of advice? Embrace the challenge of applying as an adventure. Discover who you are. Explore your passions. And imagine the possibilities that await you.

The qualities that unite University/Institute students and faculty members as a community of scholars - curiosity, passion, imagination, and wonder - are the same qualities we seek to uncover in your application.

Many applicants want so much to gain admission to University/Institute that they construct applications that tell us about these qualities. The truth is that those applications rarely show us a student's true self. Before you even put pen to paper to begin your application, take time to reflect on your personal goals and values. If you approach the application process as a journey to discover what matters to you and why, you will have the beginnings of a fine applicant.

Believe in yourself. Have confidence in what you have done, and trust where you are going. We feel privileged to read your application and to learn about your achievements, talents, and dreams. Our staff approaches the admission process with sincere and deep respect for you, and we will give your application our most serious consideration.

This page is intended to provide helpful hints for whatever stage of the admission process you now find yourself. There is information about preparing for University/Institute generally, as well as specific information about the kind of high school curriculum that can best prepare you for the rigors of University/Institute . You will also find details about procedure of Admission, completing each part of the application, a calendar of our deadlines, information about the different admission options, and background on what we look for when we evaluate your application.

Major Requirements

Applicants are mainly selected on the basis of past academic achievement, faculty evaluations, and evidence of maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity, and compassion.

Students who seek admission in the first year Graduate Program should have passed higher secondary school certificate or 12 years of education with an average mark over 50% for each subject in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English.

Applicants who have attended graduate school remarks should have generally gained cumulative grade points in their Transcripts.

University/Institute do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, status, disability, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, loan programs or other administered programs. A strong affirmative action program is maintained in all admission entry routes. University/Institute invite applications from any nation with a positive imagination, persevering and motivation.

1. Registration for Admission

The following Documents copies should be initially attached with your Application.
Application Form duly completed
Certified copy of Passport (all countries)
Certified copy of O/L Certificate
Certified copy of A/L Certificate
Higher academic transcripts. (optional)
*Education fee is between 1500USD - 2500 USD(per annum)

For more detail contact us or mail at:



1. Hostel fee will range between 200 - 600 USD per annum for an individual depending on the hostel chosen and availability of vacancy.
2. Annual Medical Insurance fee is 120 USD for an individual

All fees should be paid one month prior to commencing new academic year.

Copies of Official Academic Achievement (transcript, diploma, degree, certificate, and/or official statements showing the class or quality of marks compared with those possible to achieve) are required to be attached.

If you wish to precede online<Enrol Now!>, all the document copies should be attached to

Academic records from foreign institutions must be provided in English and must be certified or validated as true by a university or government official or notary public.

If you wish to apply for the Russian Visa from another country which is not your native land, copy of permanent resident visa card should be attached with your passport copy.


2. Notification of Admission



The University/Institute shall process the application within four (4) weeks from the date of submission of the documents to University/Institute and shall issue an ACCEPTANCE LETTER to the applicant if successful.

An applicant offered admission to the University has three weeks from the date of the ACCEPTANCE LETTER in which to accept or decline the offer. If an acceptance is not received in writing by the end of this three-week period, the applicant is deemed to have declined and the offer of admission is withdrawn.

After an international applicant is offered a study seat in the University, has accepted the offer, paid the 1st year tuition fee as a guarantee of enrolment. In case of failure to Admission to University/Institute , the deposited *tuition fee is fully refunded


3. Applying for INVITATION

"INVITATION" is an authorized document issued by the Administration of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. Further it has to be certified by the Authority of Ministry of Public Health of Russian federation, University/Institute .

Preparation of the INVITATION takes minimum of 20 working days in Russia.
The Original INVITATION will be sent to your local Representative or to you only by DHL or EMS.


Applying for INVITATION


4. Apply for Visa

The student presents the Original INVITATION to the Councilor Department of the Local Russian Embassy together with the following documents to apply for a visa.

Completed Visa Application Form and Visa Fee
International Passport
4 passport size color photographs
Birth Certificate in English with 1 NOTORY certified copy
Health Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy
HIV Report with 1 NOTORY certified copy
O/L Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy
A/L Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy

***. Student Should pay 600 US Dollors to L&C as a ticket guarentee,
this amount will be return at the completion of degree programme or
to buy a return ticket for the student in case
of his/her dismissal from the University/Institute.

The Local Representative will guide you to obtain the visa after fulfilling all legal requirements.

5. Pre - Departure

FIVE WORKING DAYS in advance to your departure, you should Fax the proof /receipt of transferring 1st year course fee to University/Institute and is required to inform the details of flight such as Number, Date and Time of Arrival at Moscow International Airport (MIA)

A Student will be NOT strictly allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, if he/she arrivals at MIA without the knowledge of University/Institute International or if the student couldn't forward the proof of payment of 1st year course fee in advance.



6. Departure and Arrival at Moscow

An Officer from Deans Office or University/Institute will receive you at MIA and accompany you from Moscow International Airport to the Hostel, University/Institute .

On the way Refreshments and Telephone facilities will be provided to contact parents at Home.


Departure and arrival at Moscow

University/Institute will provide transportation from Moscow to Voronezh at a cost. Recommended students to fly in groups of 7-8 students, so that this cost could be minimized to 100USD per student. If student fly alone the cost could reach the maximum of 350USD per student.

7. Admission to University/Institute

As soon as the student reaches University/Institute , he/she will be provided with accommodation in a hostel. Food and transportation is provided free of charge during first few days.

Enrolment to University/Institute begins with signing of a contract valid for the period of studies (according to the program chosen) and student will be permitted to sit for Admission Test.



Further L&C Language and Culture will provide the student with;

Guidance through out your stay in Russia
Help in obtaining foreign currency
Providing students with a list of required items needed for their stay in Russia.
Making Flight Arrangements from traveling.
Arrange to settle-down and Enroll the student in the University/Institute

Assist in Familiarizing with the New Environment.
Assist students to open International Bank Accounts within a week of reaching Voronezh.
Assist student to have an individual Simcard Mobile Phone within a week of reaching Voronezh.
Assist student to obtain a Financial Permit from University/Institute
for International Money Transactions.
Advice Students to be aware with the rules and regulations of University/Institute
and important tips to be adapted to the environment and to travel in Russia.
Assisting parents with information about their children's studies, to be aware of their children's health, financial situations etc. annually.

***. The parents/guardians of the student can get the whole educational report/results of semesters online at our web site;

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