L&C Split Study Degree Program
(Russia & United States)

L&C Language and Culture's special study package for international students.

OPPORTUNITY :: Study 4-years Bachelors Degree Program through Split Study Degree Program between Russian Federation and United States of America (2-years in Russia and 2-years in United States). The degrees awarded and syllabus is totally American Standards. After graduating, one year probation period is guaranteed at one of the American firms. The language of instruction at Russian University is English. A student does not require studying preparatory course of Russian language as in most of the general cases of studying in Russia. The students joining this split study program will be taught Russian language as an separate subject along with the other American syllabus.

Universites (Split study Program) ::
Russian University = International Institute of Computer Technologies (IICT)
American University= "Arcadia" University Details... (see IICT)

Available Deparments ::
-- Faculty of Information Systems
-- Faculty of Power Engineering -- Faculty of Economics
-- Department of Information Science and Computer Techniques
-- Department of Communications Networks and Commutation
-- Department of Information Security Systems

-- Department of Natural Science Disciplines
-- Department of Electrical Power Engineering
-- Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Sets
-- Department of Finances and Credit
-- Department of Management and Economics
-- Department of Humanities Disciplines and Psychology

NOTE:: The departments listed in GREEN COLOR are the parts of split study program between Russia and USA. In general, the faculties of computer sciences, software engineering, business management, economics and psychology are the major part of this program. The departments listed in BLACK COLOR will be taught in Russian Federation,only. They are not the part of split study degree program.

Tuition Fee Stuructre ::
The annual tuition fee ranges from 3000 US Dollars to 5000 US Dollars (maximum) depending upon the selected department. (Consult Admission Center)
Annual Hostel Fee = Included in Tuition fee !
Medical Insurance = 200 US Dollars
Accommodation* from Moscow Airport to University’s campus = 300 US Dollars
(*it includes travel tickets, metro, skylines and inter-city bus service).
Monthly food expenses depend upon the life style of a student. It may ranges from 120 to 200 USD per month.


Admission Requirements ::
-- L&C application form (standard one)
-- Invitation letter request form
-- Split study education program’s Application form
-- Original (hard copies) Higher School Certification or A-Level equivalent, attested from the local Foreign Affairs Office
(This certificate will be sent to Russia and will be returned with original invitation letter)
-- Colored Scan copy of National Passport
(minimum validity should not be less than ONE & a HALF years)
-- 18- Passport size colored photos with white background
-- Financial sponsorship Affidavit (father’s/guardian’s/sponsor’s) attested from Notary, Magistrate and Foreign Affairs Office.
-- Two photocopies of National ID or National Passport of father’s/guardian’s/sponsor’s (Notary Attested)
-- Three photocopies of National ID of Applicant. (Notary Attested)
-- Invitation letter fee = from 200 to 400 USD, depending upon the nationality of applicant. (Advance & non-refundable)
-- Service Fee = 600 US Dollars (payment will be made after arrival to Russia)

NOTE:: L&C has its official branch in Islamic Repubic of Pakistan. The split study program for Pakistanis students are operated by the CEO of L&C Pakistan, Mr Sangeen Khan and Senior Advisor/Member of Board of Directors of L&C Russia, Mr. Arfan Manzoor (see contacts). The admission procedure for Pakistan students are different.The invitation letter fee is 10,000 Pakistani Rupees (advance & non-refundable) and service charges are same for all students as mentioned above.
EXCEPTIONS:: The Students from Asian and African countries can also join this program with some additional requirements (Consult Admission Center)
IMPORTANT:: A student should make his/her file complete and get virification code from the L&C-Russia (Admission Center). This given verification code should be tagged on the file and delivered to L&C's main head office in the city of Voronezh, Russian Federation through any of the courier service like DHL, TNT, TCS, etc. The students from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan should send their file with given verification code tagged on it to L&C's head office in Pakistan (see contacts).

(Online application form, applicable for split study program, too.)

(Admission Center)

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