L&C Affiliated Russian Universites

L&C Language and Culture Co.,Ltd operates the following universites, academies & institues which are listed here.

  • Pre-University Preparatory Course of Russian Langauge (PODFAK)
  • Mordovia State University (MRSU)

  • Voronezh State Medical Academy (VSMA)
  • Voronezh State University (VSU)
  • Voronezh Institute of High Technology (VIHT)
  • Voronezh State Academy of Arts (VSA)
  • Voronezh State University of Architecture & Civil Engineering (VSUACE)
  • Voronezh State Technical University (VSTU)
  • Institute of Management Marketing & Finance (IMMF)
  • The International Institute of Computer Technologies (ICCT)
  • Voronezh State Agriculture University (VSAU)
  • Voronezh State Technological Academy (VSTA)
  • Voronezh State Teacher Training University (VSTTU)
  • Borisoglebsk State Pedagogical Institute (BSPI)
  • Belgorod State University (BelSU)
  • Moscow Medical Academy & M1 (MMA)
  • Kazan State University (KSU)

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